Dry Van

The single most popular form of shipping Full Truckloads (FTL), Less-than-Full Truckloads (LTL) and Partial Truckload in the U.S. Without the need for refrigeration, temperature control or any other specialized service, dry van shipping services are the most economical truckload service. 

The name may be misleading, because a dry van isn’t really a van at all. In the U.S. dry vans can also be referred to as van trailers, box trailers or semi-trailers. They usually run anywhere from 28 feet in length to 53 feet. 

How Do You Arrange Dry Van Shipping? 

PanAm Transport provides deeply discounted dry van freight rates for transportation throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

Need a full truckload? 

Count on our truckload logistics division to find an available truck at the right price. For less-than-truckload shipments, our LTL national account managers are ready to help you, whether you’re shipping for the first time or are a veteran shipper. 

How Much Does Dry Van Shipping Cost? 

Every freight shipping order is priced individually. Factors include the dimensions and density of the load, the originating and destination zip codes and any special services that might be required. All quotes from PanAm Transport are heavily discounted by the carriers.